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A work at home mom with a passion for vintage jewelry and design. I love sharing my handcrafted jewelry designs with others as well as being inspired by other vintage designs. Find me at

Monday, January 25, 2010

hello! new items will be up in a day or so! also I was in the Treasury on Etsy again with the Enchanted Rose bracelet- check it out!

Remember, only a few more days until the contest is over! if you aren't sure what it is please vist my Etsy Facebook page and read about it! You could win a beautiful necklace.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This week I have some wonderful new items I will be listing- a lot of one-of-a-kind items with fabulous vintage pieces I am excited about and some fabulous rings with large vintage flowers which make beautiful cocktail rings! Bring your friends to my blog and my Facebook Etsy page and remember only 7 more days until the contest is over for the free Valentine necklace.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday! Been working a lot- had a jewelry party on Thursday and worked on getting new items to Cali and Mo, the store in Cherry Creek where I sell some of my designs. I created a few new pieces that I think are wonderful and will have them on Etsy and website this week. I just listed one called "Eleanor" that's beautiful. Don't forget the giveway for Etsy fans on Facebook- time is running out so post your name as often as you can!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

well that was fast! as soon as I listed my new one of a kind necklace, Garbo with the vintage rhinestone earring it sold! I do have one more left (cause earrings do came in a set!) so there is still one more listed! Ordered some gorgeous cameos and settings this morning- excited to see what I can create with that.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good morning! for those of you that are fans of my Etsy page on Facebook please remember to do the contest - time is running lower! Here is the contest and if you haven't joined the fan page yet you can do that and play! it's so easy!!!

It's GIVEAWAY time for Lauren Blythe Designs Etsy fans! This contest will run for three weeks and at the end of that time I will draw a name out of the hat and the winner will receive one of my new designs called "French Valentine"! It's a gorgeous piece on a gold filled chain with a brass bow, french charm that says ..."Je T'aime" and a tiny garnet glass flower. This giveaway is for fans of my Lauren Blythe Designs Etsy page on Facebook. Here are the rules:
1. Post this contest to your wall. 2. Invite your friends to to become of fan of Lauren Blythe Designs fan page and post your name to the LBD fan page wall. 3. Get your friends to post their names to the wall too. 4. You can post to the wall as many times a day as you want. The more you post, the more your name will be in the hat!
On January 30th I will draw a name from the hat and announce the winner the following day! I will contact you for your address so you can receive your beautiful necklace!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I am so excited about some new vintage pieces I am awaiting arrival on so I can create, create, create! Have any ideas or things you love? Post them! I'd love to hear ideas! I will be adding new items to Etsy and the www shop today hopefully if time allows (or shall I say if 4 year old that's home today from school allows!) I have a GORGEOUS piece I am hestitant to let go of. I designed it with a vintage rhinestone earring on a vintage large filigree. Very simple and stunning!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello! It's January 5th and hope everyone is having a good beginning to their New Year! I've been working away. Added some new items to my shop on Etsy and on my website. Some very nice, simple vintage style earrings and lovely necklaces as well. Did you know a lot of the vintage flowers I use are from the 1940s? It's amazing these things are still around. Once they are gone, they are gone but that's the fun of designing pieces with vintage items. Don't forget to join my Facebook page as I have a fabulous contest going on now to win a necklace!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello fans!
Be sure to join my Etsy site on Facebook! Lots of fabulous special savings just for you and I am going to have a Valentine giveaway!
Happy New Year! I am going to get this blog going so please join in! For the New Year Lauren Blythe Designs has a lot going on. First I am happy to say that my designs are now in a fabulous store called Cali and Mo in Denver in the Cherry Creek Mall! Not only did the owner purchase several of my items but she had me create some special vintage pieces that were unique. Look for more of my items in her store for Valentine's Day and also my tiara and comb designs from the days I did bridal jewelry!

Again Happy New Year and thanks for the support!'s Fan Box