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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miriam Haskell Vintage Costume Jewelry

I was up pretty late last week reading about Miriam Haskell, a jewelry designer who got her start in the 1920s.  I was drawn to her designs in the way she created them and her style. She is known for her intricate, feminine designs using a lot of filigree, antique gilded surfaces, pearls and glass flowers.  She become very large with celebrities in the 1950s.

Here are some articles that will tell you more about her. She started creating jewelry on her own in the 1920s and hand wrapped each bead and each piece by hand and made it so you could not even see where the wrapped end was! It was so intricate and amazing. Some designs took her three days (Yeah I'd be out of business if that were the case!). Of course, her stuff is worth a lot these days (especially the originals from the 20s-50s).

You can still find new old stock of some of the actual beads she used (which I am eyeing!) to create your own pieces.

I posted a link to her actual workman ship on her main site and another link to her actual designs (gorgeous!)  Enjoy!

Miriam Haskell Workmanship

Miriam Haskell Designs

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